Using Laravel Pluck To Extract Certain Values
Laravel Collection is the best part of the Laravel framework which I enjoy during Laravel development. Laravel Pluck method is part of the Laravel Collections. The pluck helper method is used to retrieve a list of specific values from a...
Using Joins in Laravel Eloquent Queries
Laravel applications which depend heavily on database interaction using Laravel Eloquent often create performance issues. To improve the performance of your application you have to refactor your queries and keep an eye on the memory...
Attributes Casting, Accessors and Mutators in Laravel
In this article, we are going to look into three of the Laravel Eloquent features attributes casting, accessors and mutators. Attribute Casting The easier way to transform your model attributes while accessing them is the attributes...
How to use Repository Pattern in Laravel
Many people must have heard the buzz about Repository Pattern in Laravel, in this post we will make it damn easy to understand why this is an important pattern and when to use it. When tackling the separation of concerns, this is very...
Eloquent Touch for Models in Laravel
In this post, we will look at how we can use the eloquent touch feature in Laravel and update the timestamps without updating the model record. I want to show you two tricks while working with Laravel. Probably you will know one of them...
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