Appstract Laravel Blade Directives

Add extra directives to Laravel Blade Templating Engine using this package.

Appstract Laravel Blade Directives

There are tons of packages available for Laravel in the community for extending the functionality of the Laravel framework and for blade directives.

You should check appstract/laravel-blade-directives package, which will add some handy blade directives to your Laravel project.

You can install this package by requiring it through Composer.

composer require appstract/laravel-blade-directives

Here are some of the helpful blade directives which come with this package.

Font Awesome Icon

Quickly output a font-awesome icon using below directive.


Route Check

You can check if the current route matches using below directive.

        // Do something awesome here

Alternative to var_dump() and dd()

Normally Laravel blade doesn’t have a blade directive to dump the variables within your views unless you do something like below.


This package provides a shortcut to about method.


Script Element

You can use the below directive to open a script element within your view with or without a js path.

        console.log('Hello Laravel')



Style Element

Create a <style/> element or <link/> element with a css path.

        body {font-size: 16px;}

Inline CSS or JS

Display CSS or js inline within your view using below directive


Wrap Up

To learn more about the features of this package head over to Github Repository of this package where you will be able to explore all instructions and documentation of this package.

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